Pink and White Cottage Bunk Bed With Slide and Tent

Little girls love to play pretend houses. There is nothing they like better than arranging their dolls and miniature dinner sets in a cosy and attractive environment. This function is fulfilled with this pink and white cottage bunk bed with slide which has a beautiful space underneath for all your little girl’s playtime activities. Within this enclosed area she can create her own little home where friends can come to visit during overnight stay-overs. Small window designs and a cute little door space further highlight the cottage feel to the bed.

The bunk bed, or loft bed to give it the proper name, comes with an additional slide which can be used or not, depending on one’s requirements and room décor. However, children of all ages love slides and this white slide will create an extra dynamic component to your little girl’s bedroom fun. Sliding out of bed in the morning is surely the finest way to greet the world each day as well as a great place to watch teddy bears and dolls enjoy the ride as well.styles_bunk-bed-with-slide_1


The pink cottage tent and lower curtain provide a lovely themed aspect to this little girl’s bunk bed with slide. Various narratives can be formed in your daughter’s imagination with the cottage theme which contributes nicely to a girl’s natural instincts to nurture. In the space underneath, there is room to place toy tables, lamps, chests and various other small furniture pieces which will add to the home-like atmosphere.


Made from solid wood and veneers, the bunk bed with slide is made to last a long time and carry the weight of both sleeping and energetic children. With this particular bed, there are numerous additional pieces that can also be purchased thereby creating a complete bedroom set. The top bunk tent also gives a protective feeling to a little child who might be scared of big rooms and shadows. From my own experience as a child, a tent like sleeping area feels a lot more secure and safe especially after dark.

Many kids dream of being firefighters when they grow up. This red firehouse bunk bed with slide is therefore an ideal bedroom furniture piece for a child who finds the sirens of rushing fire trucks both exciting and appealing. Whilst most firehouses have sliding poles on which the brave fire fighters descend, this bunk bed has a fun slide, not to mention a wonderful themed tent. A tower rises up from one end of the bed providing an access route to the top bunk. There’s nothing kids like more than finding tunnels and hidden routes.


This firehouse bunk bed with slide is of the loft bed variety which means there is space beneath suitable for a whole range of uses. The area beneath is accessed via the fire truck tent door which can be seen clearly in the picture. Again, like with tunnels, children adore secret dens and hiding places where they can play with their toys or enter a make-belief world with their siblings or friends. In so many ways, this fire-fighter themed bunk bed with tent brings the experience of camping indoors.


The set-up is comprised of a bolt together construction which is both strong and sturdy. Safety has been kept in mind as it is with the majority of kid’s furniture pieces. Secure rails reach around the bunk area preventing young children from rolling out of bed during the night. The slide is also of a size and build that prevents any serious damage being done in the event of an accident. All in all it’s a perfectly safe bedroom bunk bed that kids can use for both sleeping and playing purposes.




Types of Recliners with Different Mechanisms

After a long day at work or home, there is nothing you want more than to sink into a comfortable chair and relax your feet up. Recliners are synonymous with comfort, but getting the right recliner can be a tough decision when there are many options to choose from. Different chairs offer varying levels of comfort according to their fabric and construction. There is an impressive array of fabrics to choose from, including leather, suede, and microfiber available in a wide range of textures and colors. However, the essential factor that you need to consider is the mechanism of the recliner.

A rocker recliner rocks and reclines as the name suggests. It is quite suitable for someone who is suffering from insomnia as the rocking motion can help them fall asleep. Did you know many individuals use their recliners to sleep on instead of beds? A rocker recliner is also considered ideal for nursing mothers as it offers comfort for the mother while its rocking motion relaxes the baby. Most rocker recliners have the additional swivel feature as well.

Wall hugger recliners consume less space and can be an excellent choice for smaller rooms. With a wall hugger, you have to sit up straight, which makes it easier to get up from the seat and there is less movement involved. A few wall hugger recliners can be adjusted to sit higher so that people with bad knees can easily get up.

Massage recliners often come with a heating function as well. The chair not only massages your back but also massages the backs of the legs. It is highly comfortable and supportive and can be very relaxing after a long day.

As the name indicates, two-position have two positions: an upright position and a fully reclined position. You can release the footrest by using a lever to recline. They are usually the cheapest type of recliners but are also limited in function and tend to consume a lot of space when reclined fully because when the chair back moves backward, the footrest pops up. This recliner is not suitable if you have a small space.

A push-back recliner does not have a built-in footrest. It only requires you to push back into the seat for the chair to recline. The back of the chair is the only part, so it takes up less space as compared to a rocker or two-position recliner. Push-back chairs are usually modern in design, having sleek lines.

Riser recliners are motorized reclining chairs that recline and lift upward, which means you can get out of the chair without a lot of effort. Although they are the most expensive reclining chairs available, they are extremely versatile. They are ideal for individuals with physical disabilities or injuries that make standing and sitting without assistance difficult. The chair requires a lot of space and needs to be placed at a distance from the walls.

Soft and Thick Cushions – This feature is in favor of the comfortable construction of the seat. The thick cushions ensure both adults and kids are comforted.

Matching With Other Furniture – Harmony with another furniture at home is made possible by the dark brown color. The sofa can blend in with coffee tables and other sofas at home.